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All of our windows at Denvale have the very latest locking systems and are high in security with a choice of locking upgrades from the 'standard' moving parts in the espagnolette system to the 'multiple' lock with shootbolt and stainless steel hinge protection. Key lockable handles come as standard.

In today's ever changing weather conditions Denvale are aware that your window has to withstand the toughest test and that's why our window system has with gone rigorous tightness tests to achieve maximum comfort for your home. All the gasket seals in a Denvale frame are co-extruded and concealed in place so they will not shrink back or become brittle, this works well with any drainage set in place within our 70mm multi-chambered system.

Why not try a coloured frame? Choose from a wide range of grained wood effect windows or maybe a window from Denvale's New 'colour fast guarantee' range. Today our frames are able to have a 'standard' bevel finish or for the more decorative shapely finish try our 'sculptured range'. Rest assured whichever choice you make you have the peace of mind of having a matching internally beaded and secure glazed system.

Over the years there has been moves forward with window hardware.With the ever changing demand to match your 'fixtures & fittings' Denvale are able to offer handles with many stylish finishes. All hardware will stand up to regular 'day to day' use with-in your home and as with any moving part system the your only consideration for maintenance is to annually apply a three in one oil or maintenance spray along with a wipe with soapy water and a damp cloth.

Double Glazing Products Maintenance Advice & Tips

How To Look After Your Denvale Windows And Doors.

After Heavy snow or rainfall

You may find some water laying in the bottom of your door and window frames. This is nothing to worry about as this will slowly drain away through the drainage holes in the base.


Never use anything abrasive, this will scratch the surface which will trap the dirt. Wash the frames with a mild solution of washing-up liquid. If any stubborn marks remain, lightly rub with the CIF crème cleaner. DO NOT use Cif on every occasion, as this will remove the shine from the uPVC.

uPVC Frames

All of your upvc frames require some after care this includes a little maintenance. Check the rubber seals around the openers and wipe clean, keep clear all drainage slots located at the bottom section of doors and windows.


To ensure a draught free door, please remember to keep the door in the locked position, with the handle thrown upward at all times. This will achieve a tight fit on to the draught seals.


Twice a year, spray WD40 into all locks and on to any metal contact surfaces around your doors and windows. This will help to keep them operating smooth.


Any type of glass cleaner is suitable.

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