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UPVc Door & Window Repair

Denvale UPVC installations are sometimes able to offer a repair or replacement service to Doncaster & the surrounding areas, Doors & Windows Repaired or replaced. Door & Window Locks Repaired or Replaced, multi-point lock repair or replacement, misted and damaged double glazed panes are able to be swapped over. We can cover this type of work as long as parts are still available

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Conservatory Repairs

Conservatory repairs can sometimes be a troublesome area & due to products improving & parts etc can be sourced we will take on the repair.

Conservatory repairs can vary from leaks, broken glass units, misted units right the way through to a complete renovation.

Our expertise in Conservatory construction means that we can almost always offer a solution to an annoying problem such as a box gutter or roof leak, or maybe a slipped or damaged roof panel.

Common conservatory repairs are:

  • Polycarbonate roof sheet replacement.
  • Replacement of sealed units.
  • Installation of roof vents.
  • Leak investigation and repair.
  • Gutters and joints repaired.
  • Roof upgrades.
  • Replacement handles, hinges and locks.
  • For a free quotation please call us on 07979 555347
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Many properties of a certain age suffer from having rotting fascia boards due to the wind driving rain and snow underneath the roof tiles. Internal rafters and fascias are then exposed to this moisture and will rot over time, however you may not be aware of it until the existing fascia is in an advanced state of decay. Damaged areas can be fixed with replacement uPVC fascias and soffits, which will provide a more permanent solution.

Many less reputable companies use products that only clad over existing fascias. We will always replace your existing fascias unless you instruct us otherwise.

Our cladding is available in 125mm or 250mm depth we offer a wide choice of colour and sizes & only use tested materials for exterior use and gives an excellent appearance on any fascias, soffits, guttering or cladding project, together with excellent weather protection for any property. We try to include use of mini scaffold where possible.

If you think that your fascias, soffits, guttering or cladding may need replacing please contact us for a free survey.

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